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Tatyana Mamut is a transformative leader in Silicon Valley who drives innovation by understanding customers deeply and leading through empathy. She is a serial entre/intrapreneur, building successful products at Amazon, Salesforce, Nextdoor and IDEO. She is currently SVP of New Products at Pendo leading the creation of the Adopt family of products. 

Previously she was CPO at Nextdoor, creating a product-led growth strategy which drove a 60% increase in engagement while driving down abusive and toxic content on the platform. She also led the Local Business revenue line and consolidated the advertising platform.  At Amazon Web Services, Tatyana was General Manager & Director of Product, where she built a revolutionary new software product and scaled the team from 2 to 150 engineers, product managers, and designers. At Salesforce, she was Vice President of Product Experience for the IoT (Internet of Things) Cloud, where she led the vision and development for the democratization of IoT technology.


Tatyana was also an executive at IDEO, where she built and led the Organization Design practice globally.

She started her career in global advertising, working at Leo Burnett in Chicago, London, and Moscow. She has won several design & advertising awards for her work at IDEO & Leo Burnett, and holds multiple patents for her inventions at Salesforce & Amazon.


Tatyana has a PhD in cultural anthropology from UC Berkeley and a BA in economics from Amherst College. She is a refugee from eastern Ukraine and comes from three generations of Soviet professional women. She lives with her spouse and two daughters in San Francisco.

Tom Kelley, Author & Partner at IDEO

Tatyana is a bright and energetic leader who is deeply interested in organizational change. I admired the way she turned data into stories, presenting her ideas with clarity and force of personality in a way that made her message compelling.

Heather Clifton, VP & CMO Watson Financial Services & IBM Blockchain

In a word, Tatyana is brilliant. She is smart, strategic, creative, collaborative and the ultimate professional. I could not recommend her more highly!

Margie O'Driscoll, CIDCI Conference Organizer

Your opening presentation was the highlight of the day for the attendees. 
This is the way we will change the industry and we are deeply in your debt for sharing your time. You were amazingly composed and flexible
and I can’t thank you enough!

Carolyn Frey, Chief People Officer at Philz Coffee

Tatyana was game changing for the executive team at Philz. 
She quite literally gave us the frameworks that have fueled the way we lead the company - from the way we run meetings, to the mechanisms we have set up or will set up. Most of all, she allowed us to get the most important alignment of all around our principles & core values. She’s not just a nice to have but is a must have.
Even if you think it may not be valuable, trust us and engage with her. It will be.








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