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Podcast: Creating Cultures that Innovate

What makes certain companies thrive and become successful? It’s not technology, nor how efficiently we can get things done… it’s about Culture and the way it is set up in companies. You can experiment with this in your own position, no matter how low or high up the corporate ladder you may be. Start a conversation and be a part of a positive change within your company.

Tatyana Mamut studied economics, anthropology & cultural anthropology. She views the world in a different light which has helped her develop a different way to view company culture. In turn, this has helped many companies not only improve as a whole, but also lead to improve the culture and morale of the people working within it.

Well, what does that mean?

In this podcast, Tatyana not only expands on that, but also explores:

  • How we can all influence culture at all levels of a company

  • It’s about how you tell your story, not really what the story contains

  • Tatyana’s 4-S method

  • Importance of Experimenting in your workplace

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